Points of Light Grief & Death Doula Mission 

We strive to connect our clients with the information, referrals, and support they need to be fully informed, nurtured, and connected to a grounded sense of alignment.

We seek to keep our clients informed about the ever evolving science about the relationship stress and mindfulness have to the mind-body-spirit connection.  Simultaneously!  We work to infuse a sense of spirit and joy amidst the changing landscape currently unfolding in your world.

What we know for sure:  You are your best guide, and we will follow your lead.



These life altering experiences have the capacity to hold a transformative, liberatory power.  Trust and safety are key components to engaging the most potent versions of you in each of these processes.  We will work together either one-on-one or in group class work to explore what you need in this process as it unfolds.


You are meant to be the strongest resonance in experience.  We will entrain to you and your evolving needs.  When you need it, we are here for additional layers of guidance with our hearts open.


We promise to meet you where you are at and honor what it is you need in this experience for it to feel not only good, but authentic.  You are the essential component of this experience and deserve to move thorugh it in ways that feel replenishing, healthful and safe.  We love supporting folks who seek spiritual connection, folks who currently live with (or have lived with) stress, trauma, anxiety and/or depression, as well as folks who belong to POC and LGBTQIA2S+ communities.



Points of Light Grief & Death Doulas will work with your main support people and sometimes your professional care providers to ensure you are getting the care you need and deserve.  We offer family facilitation to help you, your loved ones and your support team land on the same page when there may be many opinions, thoughts and ideas about the care you need.  We will strategize about how to keep your home and life feeling like a place of nourishment.


We promise to meet you where you are at and provide care that is free from stigma.  We also promise to support you in ways that are specific to your needs.  In any situation, if we are not a great match culturally, we will work to connect you with a care provider that better fits your needs.  Having a doula you feel fully connected to is imperative for building trust.


tempura 1 labrynth

Luna was an incredible partner and especially helpful in providing information and clarifying options when we had to navigate more difficult decisions.


We recently had a family gathering at our home, to try and get care coordinated for my husband.  It was a meeting that I dreaded, filled with people who love the same person, but have difficulty communicating.  With Luna's facilitation, she kept us on track, held us to the time I had allocated, and steadfastly got to some points of agreement.  Having her there to facilitate gave me the courage I needed to get through the meeting.

It makes me so happy to know Luna is providing doula support in our community!


Luna stepped in when our trusted support withdrew from us in our time of need.  Luna got to know us and made us more comfortable with ourselves and each other.  I appreciate how you were there for both and all of us.


My heart is happy to know Luna is in my community supporting families before, during and after the intensity of birth.


Luna spends time with my husband (living with Alzheimer's) regularly.  Since I work full-time, I worry a lot.  When Luna is here with him, those are the times I don't worry.  He love spending time with her.  She is open-hearted, treats him with dignity, and they get out of the hose and outside consistently.  As a bonus, when I come home from work, dinner is ready to be finished off, and the dishwasher gets mysteriously filled or emptied.  We both feel lucky to be Luna's clients!

Luna's advice throughout all these months made me feel prepared and confident.


Luna offered a warm, grounding, and heart-filled presence every step of the way.


Grounded, Trauma Informed & Somewhat Magic Support!

  • Connect: We'll take time to connect in meaningful ways
  • Lean-In: What will make this time authentic for you?
  • Balance: Family facilitation can ben a powerful tool in moving forward
  • Integrate: Creating closure is a vital part of any process
  • Bring on your Questions: Email Communication on an as needed basis
  • Doula Promise: witness, love, nurture & facilitate balance in your process

Additional Layers of Support for an Evolving Landscape

  • Ground In :: Guided Visualization & Meditation
  • Envision :: An afternoon in nature to connect with your authentic desires
  • Let Go :: Story Integration (for past or recent experiences)
  • Fascial Flow Method™ :: One 2-hour sessions teach you brain/body hacks
  • Spiritful Abundance :: Attend a class designed to connect grief and joy
  • Freezer Love :: 3-hour meal prep of yummy, nutritious foods

Mindfulness is recognizing what is there in the present moment.  Suffering is there, yes; but what is also there is that you are still alive: "Breathing in, I know I'm alive."  Yes your eyes still work: "Breathing in, I'm aware of my eyes.  Breathing out, I smile to my eyes."

-Thich Nhat Hanh in No Mud, No Lotus