:: grief & death classes ::

:: grief & death classes ::

:: grief & death classes ::

you are at the center of this experience.  world views & experience


After finding out we were pregnant, my husband and I chose a midwife because we wanted a natural approach to prenatal care and hoped for an unmedicated labor and delivery. Throughout the pregnancy we found our values and ideals were not as aligned with those of our provider as we had hoped for. Towards the end of our pregnancy we hired Luna. She came alongside my husband and myself and (1) helped us understand ALL of the options while also (2) encouraging us to advocate for ourselves. Luna was an incredible partner and especially helpful in providing information and clarifying options when we had to navigate more difficult decisions.

and another great one!

support was grounded, warm and informative

Have you ever noticed how beautiful a person is after they've wept?  It's as if they are made new again by the baptism of tears. Indeed, when something stuck can be released through grief, we are freeing up a greater capacity to love.

-Toko-pa Turner in Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home