:: death matters ::

:: death matters ::

:: death matters ::

When death stops being an anonymous character in this precious thing we call life, the possibility for personal joy and social impact will undoubtedly burst wide open.

::  Death Is ::

letting go. transformative. sacred. powerful. wildly known & unknown.

The Return of Death as Wise Healer & Shifter

Death is a golden thread weaving together the stories, trauma, and joys of generations upon generations of people.  In modern society we are profoundly skilled at death-avoidance, carrying in our bodies and minds visible and invisible scars of trauma and neglect.  In doing so we miss important opportunities to leverage the gravity of what death has to offer us individually as well as collectively.  By summoning the greater power of death as teacher, we open possibility for tremendously impactful shifts before we cross the threshold.  Concurrently, this summoning infuses a steadfast authenticity between ourselves and those we are intimately interconnected, as well as those whom we are connected by way of social interdependence.

Human longing for meaning is so great you do not have to look much further than the wealth of scientific research being done today to connect the mind-body-spirit dance.  Somehow amidst all the observation & testing, we've forgotten how to be authentically present among the great graces of the most sacred threshold: death.

There is no mistaking the visceral feeling of complete interconnectness in the presence of death.  The air fills with a thickness that time evaporates into; the heart grows soft and vulnerable.  The delicate dance between grief and praise stream down your cheek.  "Goodbye" and "See you in the stars" could never have been harder to utter.  But in our cultural and collective casting aside of deaths , you standing in the river of longing and connection, water rushing so rapidly inside our collective knowing we only have cast it aside for mere observation.  from the banks--watching, testing, sampling, studying--we miss knowing and being taught by the immensity of its true power.  But! what we deeply yearn for is to get in, let go, and let the flow take us where it goes.  Letting go is medicine that heals the heart.


Together we will peel back the layers of what society expects from us and lean-in to what your sacred heart is telling you about your own death and the story you are leaving behind with those you love.  What stories do you want left in your honor?  What hurts are stuck that need to be moved through?  What gems and insight do you want to share with your loved ones?  What do they want to share with you?  How can that be done in a meaningful way?


tempura circles

Luna was an incredible partner and especially helpful in providing information and clarifying options when we had to navigate more difficult decisions.


We recently had a family gathering at our home, to try and get care coordinated for my husband.  It was a meeting that I dreaded, filled with people who love the same person, but have difficulty communicating.  With Luna's facilitation, she kept us on track, held us to the time I had allocated, and steadfastly got to some points of agreement.  Having her there to facilitate gave me the courage I needed to get through the meeting.

It makes me so happy to know Luna is providing doula support in our community!


Luna stepped in when our trusted support withdrew from us in our time of need.  Luna got to know us and made us more comfortable with ourselves and each other.  I appreciate how you were there for both and all of us.


My heart is happy to know Luna is in my community supporting families before, during and after the intensity of birth.


Luna spends time with my husband (living with Alzheimer's) regularly.  Since I work full-time, I worry a lot.  When Luna is here with him, those are the times I don't worry.  He love spending time with her.  She is open-hearted, treats him with dignity, and they get out of the hose and outside consistently.  As a bonus, when I come home from work, dinner is ready to be finished off, and the dishwasher gets mysteriously filled or emptied.  We both feel lucky to be Luna's clients!

Luna's advice throughout all these months made me feel prepared and confident.


Luna offered a warm, grounding, and heart-filled presence every step of the way.


Grounded, Trauma Informed & Slightly Magic Support!

  • Connect: We'll meet up to 4 times approaching end-of-life
  • Lean-In: What will make this time meaningful and authentic for you?
  • Balance: Family facilitation offered to ease any end-of-life chaos
  • Integrate: 3 post death visits (includes vigil, memorial, or wake support)
  • Bring on your Questions: Email Communication on an as needed basis
  • Doula Promise: witness, love, nurture & facilitate balance in this process

Additional Layers of Support for Letting Go

  • BECOMING ANCESTORY SUPPORT plus choose one of the following:
  • Ground In :: Guided Visualization & Meditation
  • Explore :: Advanced Directive Guidance
  • Fascial Flow Method™ :: One 2-hour session teaches you brain/body hacks
  • Spiritful Abundance :: Attend a class designed to connect grief and joy
  • Freezer Love :: 3-hour meal prep of yummy, nutritious foods

Go back to the joy of your dwellings and you will find there // That which Death cannot remove from you and me.  // Leave this place, for what you see here is far away in meaning // From the earthly world.  Leave me.

-Kahlil Gibran in The Treasury of Kahlil Gibran