:: mission & values ::

:: mission & values ::

:: mission & values ::


We strive to connect our clients with the information, resources, and support they need to be fully informed, nurtured, and connected to a grounded sense of alignment.

We seek to keep our clients informed about health disparities that disproportionately effect their community, while at the same time working to infuse a sense of spirit and joy.

What we know for sure:  You are your best guide, and we will follow your lead.



Birth has the capacity to hold a transformative, liberatory power.  Organically organized unfolding requires certain conditions to be met, namely trust and safety.  We will work together to explore what you need in this process to give it the energy it needs to facilitate unfolding.


You are the meant to be the strongest resonance in your labor and birth experience.  We will entrain to you.  When you need additional guidance we will be there for you with our hearts open.


We promise to meet you where you are at and honor what it is you need in this experience for it to feel not only good, but authentic.  You are the essential component of this experience and deserve to move thorugh it in ways that feel replenishing, healthful and safe for you.  We love supporting folks who seek spiritual connection in their birth experience, folks who belong to POC and LGBTQIA2S+ communities, and folks who currently live with (or have lived with) stress, trauma, anxiety and/or depression.



Historically "advocacy" has been erased from the definition of doula scope of practice.  Points of Light Birth Doulas professional framework promises to gain a clear understandig of your needs and advocate with you or on your behalf when something is not right.  We will always encourage you or your immediate support team to advocate first, but recognize that there may be situations where time is of the essence.


Points of Light Birth Doulas want to make sure you feel safe and supported.  We also work with you to ensure you have access to the support you need when you need it.  This looks different for every birthing person, so we will ride the wave alongside you and find an anchoring point when and if you begin to feel a sense of uncertainty.


Points of Light Birth Doulas will work with your other professional care providers to ensure you are getting the care you need and deserve.  We will strategize about how to keep your birth space feeling intimate, and what to expect based on your birth location.


We promise to meet you where you are at and provide care that is free from stigma.  We also promise to provide care that is specific to your needs.  In any situation, if we are not a great match culturally, we will work to connect you with a care provider that better fits your needs.  Having a doula you feel fully connected to is imperative for building trust.


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Telia brings a deep well of labor support skills and an equally deep well of compassion to every labor.  As a labor nurse I was always happy to see Telia because I knew she was my other half.  She is a gift to our community.

-Anna H

Luna was an incredible partner and especially helpful in providing information and clarifying options when we had to navigate more difficult decisions.


During 24+ hours of labor, Luna was a grounding and encouraging presence.  I honestly wouldn't have been able to make it as far as I did without her gentle reminders and suggestions.  And during the early postpartum period, she was there with validation and witnessing--she even saved me from an awful plugged duct by suggesting resources.  It makes me so happy to know Luna is providing doula support in our community!



Luna stepped in when our trusted support withdrew from us in our time of need.  Luna got to know us and made us more comfortable with ourselves and each other.  I appreciate how you were there for both and all of us.


Luna offered wise reminders and witnessed me in my strength and believed in my Warrior Mama spirit--showing so much respect and empathy.  My heart is happy to know Luna is in my community supporting families before, during and after the intensity of birth.


Telia was kind and supportive during my change of birth plan.  During the chaos the only thing I was focused on was Telia telling me it was going to be okay.  I would recommend Telia hands down to anyone who is having a baby.  The love and care she puts into not only the birth but checking on us after was absolutely amazing.  When we have our second, Telia will be there with us again.

-Jess S.

Luna brought great perspective to the table and really helped me prepare for bringing my babe into the world.


Luna's advice throughout all these months made me feel prepared and confident.


It was comforting to have Luna as part of the process and be able to talk through the last stages of pregnancy.  Also, to help further process our feelings about our first experience!  Thank you Luna for being on call so quickly for another rapid birth!


This was our third baby and our first time using a doula.  Luna helped me to process our previous birth experiences and really helped me to hone in on and actualize my desires for this birth.  Luna is warm as well as knowledgable, and had a wealth of resources for anything I sought support for.



I was somewhat frightened by the recent rising maternal mortality and child morbidity rates in Black families.  Telia not only assisted us through our pregnancy with information but was there as the liaison with our medical staff with things just didn't sound right.  She came to appointments, taught my husband techniques to help me in labor, and even visited after baby was born.  Overall Telia was an amazing doula and helped me have the most amazing birth experience.  I'm excited to work with her again when the time comes!

-Rina I

Luna stayed with us through the labor to postpartum transition, which I was nervous about.  She helped to make our postpartum room a sanctuary.  This effort helped me to feel cared for and comfortable in our space so that I could focus on resting and bonding as a family across the first couple of postpartum days in the hospital before going home.


Luna offered a warm, grounding, and heart-filled presence every step of the way.  We are so grateful she was part of our birth experience!



Luna provided a wealth of knowledge, gentle advice, and unwavering support through the third trimester and during our postpartum months.  Luna helped us navigate a number of issues during those chaotic, but precious, months...she even helped us find a nanny!  It was great to have someone--other than our medical care provider--whom we could turn to whenever we had questions or concerns.  I would, without hesitation, recommend Luna to anybody thinking about hiring a doula.



 I appreciated Luna's expertise, insight, and gentle, caring nature through out our prenatal visits, laborite, and postpartum visits.  We would recommend Luna to any family looking for support in their childbirth journey.


Grounded, Trauma Informed & Somewhat Magic Birth Support!

  • Connect & Lean In: We'll meet up to 4 times prenatally
  • Explore: What will make this time meaningful and authentic for you?
  • On-Call: Begins at 37 weeks until birth (with robust back-up support)
  • Integrate: Up to 2 Postpartum visits across Month One
  • Bring on your Questions: Email Communication on an as needed basis
  • Doula Promise: to witness, nurture, inform, advocate & facilitate balance
  • Please Inquire if you are currently covered by Medicaid

Prepare, Ground In & Connect with Your Changing Landscape

  • TEA Birth Support plus Birthers Choice :: Choose One of the Following
  • Envision :: An afternoon in nature to connect with your authentic desires
  • Ground In :: Birth story integration (for past or recent experiences)
  • Fascial Flow Method™ :: One 2-hour session teaches you brain/body hacks
  • Spiritful Abundance :: Attend a class designed to connect grief and joy
  • Freezer Love :: 3-hour meal prep of yummy, nutritious foods for later

The young and old [water lilies] are linked in one long breath, an inhalation that calls for reciprocal exhalation, nourishing the common root from which they both rose.  New leaf to old, old to new, mother to daughter--mutuality endures.  I am consoled by the lessons of lilies.

--Robin Wall Kimmerer in Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teaching of Plants