holding air

Red Mountain Ash fruit hangs in abundance on bare limbs against a turquoise blue sky backdrop

in the ever daunting moment

that is this one.

in the waves we ride

and the roars we hear.

may this be a time

of great wind,

a time for the flames

of our heart

to be fanned.


there is great mystery

and decadence

bound up


and there is relational

abundance in the



so, let’s–you and i–

dance on this wind of

mountain ash.

let us move hope

and anchor despair

of crosstalk.

because God works

in ever-spiraling


shiny cosmos

to molten core.


may the rise of the


be not


And in time,

it will possibly,

and in time

it will possibly not.

About K. Luna Lea

Pronouns: She/Her & They/Them. Transitionary experiences have cracked me open time and time again, bearing a thunder in my heart so loud it became impossible to ignore: "Be vulnerable.  Let go.  Fail and try again.  Always center authenticity." I am profoundly informed by honoring, healing, and serving through my queer identity, androgeny, history of trauma, neurodivergent world view, and an ever expanding dedication to resilience and spirituality each and every day. My own expriences being stigmatized greatly impacted my willingness to be vulnerable.  The outcome:  Self sensorship and diminished capacity for transformation.  But then a great thing happened.  I decided to turn up the volume of my unsensored inner knowing. Showing up in the world as a writer has been one of the many ways I've learned to ground in and channel my very own authentic voice.

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