A Call to the Weird

What will it take to bring your full self to your experience?  What do you authentically want in this one precious and tender life you have?  When you dream and talk to the clouds about your hopes, what do you find lives there in that place of envisioning?   Meanwhile the stress and trauma of the modern go-go-go keeps on keeping on, often infringing on our ability to recreate and make ourselves anew.  The grief gets stuck, or we proclaim boldly it is not there.  The possibility that this could be our one and final lasting breath seems to be an impossibility.  The pain that is a sacred ally in birth, grief, and death, is kindly asked to be tucked away in back pocket.

But!  Here is what I know and what I deeply want to share with you: I want to walk with the weirdos.   I want to sail in a sea that is made up of poetry and possibility.  I want to shine bright my weirdo light, for it will illuminate the pathway home.  Or better yet, how about this: I AM A WEIRDO!!  I love to eat ghee and peanut butter, and to dance in the middle of my work day.  I LOVE to honor and revere the most sacred emotions that well up in tears when ever and wherever they do.  It’s not uncommon to see me crying in public, let alone at work.  Oye, on the work front these bursts of emotion (usually in compassion or sorrow for the experience another is navigating, or the way someone blatantly disregarded me) has certainly gotten me in “trouble” more than a few times.  But you know what, it feels so good, so in alignment, to sit right in the middle of the intersection of grief and sadness, pain and discomfort, because you know what comes after (and sometimes during)?  The reminder that I am alive, that I am real and have authentic needs, feelings, and emotions that cannot fit into a one size fits all of our modern box.

So yeah, I cry.  A lot.  And if you do too, I promise to not ask you to stop or find a way to make it go away.  I promise to find a way to honor, revere and hold what you are navigating.  I will not feel sorry for you.  I will simply know you are a precious gift to this world who has their own unique life long timeline of experience–good, bad, and every shade of gray in-between–informing the very moment that is unfolding right in front of me.  To you, in that moment, I will give praise and wonder: How now do you envision this moment to ripple ahead into infinite and beautiful ways?  Because you know, it has all the makings of possibility contained right there in your process of Let Go.


About K. Luna Lea

Pronouns: She/Her & They/Them. Transitionary experiences have cracked me open time and time again, bearing a thunder in my heart so loud it became impossible to ignore: "Be vulnerable.  Let go.  Fail and try again.  Always center authenticity." I am profoundly informed by honoring, healing, and serving through my queer identity, androgeny, history of trauma, neurodivergent world view, and an ever expanding dedication to resilience and spirituality each and every day. My own expriences being stigmatized greatly impacted my willingness to be vulnerable.  The outcome:  Self sensorship and diminished capacity for transformation.  But then a great thing happened.  I decided to turn up the volume of my unsensored inner knowing. Showing up in the world as a writer has been one of the many ways I've learned to ground in and channel my very own authentic voice.

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